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Quartz Battery Operated Clock Movement - Battery Info

This section is important for clock owners who have Quartz/Battery operated Clocks.

For All Battery Operated Clocks, it is important to use the correct battery. Often times we do see clocks that have high drain batteries, Lithium-ion batteries, or battery brands that simply do not work well in these clock movements. You must use a low-drain battery. It is also very important to not use a very 'expensive' or higher known name brand battery. These batteries often do not work well because of the way they are manufactured. BUT, DO NOT USE THE CHEAPEST BATTERIES. It is best to use the 'middle ground' or a brand that is the middle of both the price and build-quality. We use and recommend brands such as ACDelco, Panasonic, and Maxell. These brands have seemed to be the most reliable options for batteries, providing a long-life of service for your clock movement.

A quick touch, for those interested, in the battery build quality mentioned above. Most well-known or more expensive batteries use plastic coatings over the battery contacts. This is great for corrosion, but, it does negatively impact the average clock movement. Also, any high-drain battery and especially Lithium batteries will almost certainly ruin a clock movement fairly quickly.