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Eco Drive Watches (Citzen, Seiko, Etc.)

Eco-Drive watches are completely driven by the solar power and various form of artificial light. It is very important to keep these watches exposed to light of some sort (without letting the timepiece overheat or get too hot), and most people will find it useful to keep the watch stored near a window sill of some kind when not wearing the watch. Two of the worst things for these watches, 1) stored in indirect light, or in a drawer daily or during storing periods, and 2) sitting idle with no power for long periods of time.

These watches store their energy, from the light source, in a cell inside of the watch that LOOKS NEARLY IDENTICAL to a watch battery, but it is not a watch battery - It is called a capacitor. Both Kinetic and Eco-Drive watches use a capacitor. If a normal battery is used; there is a high risk of FIRE, DAMAGE TO THE MOVEMENT, or in worst-case scenarios could even cause BODILY HARM.

There are some micro Watch brands that use these eco-drive movements as well.