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-Cleaning and Lubrication (CLA) is recommended on ALL MECHANICAL OR AUTOMATIC WATCHES AND CLOCKS Every 3-5 Years. This only applies to the internal movement, and does not include and should not be confused for a cosmetic cleaning.

-Cosmetic Cleaning (cleaning the dirt and grime from watches cases and bands. This is a cosmetic service) for watches is recommended every 1-2 years, or as need be. Watches that do not accumulate much grime or dirt may need this service only every few years.

-Gaskets (Sometimes called "O-Rings" or "Seals") for Water Resistancy: Gaskets are meant to lubricated and cleaned every 1-2 years. Be proactive in this regard, especially if you are planning to take the timepiece near water. Water Testing is available upon request, but it is a very expensive and time-consuming process. 99% of watches do just fine with just either a gasket relubrication or with the gaskets replaced with new gaskets.

Still being updated 4/2/22