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Timex Watch Button Layout and Configuration


Many models of Timex offer the same button layout when it comes to the Timex Digital Watches. Here is a rough idea of what the button would look like on most, if not all, Timex Digital Watch models. We Repairs and Service ALL Timex Watches and We Offer Great Prices on Repairs!

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(ABOVE) Timex IronMan Triathalon is a perfect example of the general button layout that Timex has used for their Digital Watch series.

- As shown, we can see that the MODE button is located on the bottom-left (or 8-9 o' Clock Position on an analog watch) and this has been very consistent throughout Timex Digital production history.

- On the opposite corner across the face, we see the STOP/RESET button which has been consistently placed on the watch to provide a "Stop Watch" style of feel and ease-of-use. Normally, this button controls the stop watch function on Timex Digital Sports Watches and Digital Chronographs.

- On this model we see the SET/RECALL Button which is normally used as a button for setting OR finishing the Mode of choice. (Example = To exit out of setting the time for the Alarm)

- In this model in particular, which is not always the case, we see an INDIGLO button as well as a START/SPLIT in the middle of the dial face. This is not commonly used throughout Timex Digital Watch Models.

Setting these watches can be quite frustrating and time consuming, and changing the batteries are near impossible for the Consumer to attempt. Do not risk damaging your timepiece - We offer MANY Repairs for ALL Brands of Watches and Clocks. Call (330)541-5034 or Click HERE for our Contact Page.