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Offering the Best in Watch Repair and Clock Repair with Many Service/Repair Options at Affordable Prices. We Truly Do Care About Our Customers and Their Timepieces!


Warranty Info

No Refunds and No Returns. Services are non-refundable. If there are service problems, contact the store directly for remedy and/or reservicing. We do provide warranties on some repairs, but it does not extend to additional parts and does not extend to additional services.

BATTERIES: Some, but not all, battery replacements come with a 6-month warranty, that will cover the cost of a new battery and labor/installation. This ONLY applies when there are no underlying issues with the timepiece and the fault is found to be within the battery cell (dead cell supplied by the manufacturer).

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY KIND OF WATER DAMAGE AFTER SERVICE - All Watches Are Sealed and Closed Professionally and Properly; The Only Instances That We Have Come Across, With A Customer Having Water Damage Post-Service, Has Always Been "Operator Error" (To Where The Screw Down Crown Was Left Out, etc.) - AND WITH THAT BEING SAID, USE YOUR TIMEPIECE NEAR ANY SORT OF MOISTURE AT YOUR OWN RISK! Even If A Watch Manufacturer Says That A Watch Is Water-Resistant To 300 Meters; That Is In Laboratory Controlled Conditions And So Many Factors Play A Role In Water Resistancy Such As (But Not Limited To) Pressure, Angle, Temperature, And So Many Other Factors.

Warranties are not available on or for donor parts of any kind. Donor parts may be required in scenarios where an original NEW part may be unavailable or crating a new part from scratch may not be feasible or even impossible in some rare circumstances.

Our Right To Void A Service Warranty

We stand behind our service and we provide high-quality repairs, But; We reserve the right to void our warranty of service for any reason without giving any reason or explanation. Some reasons may be, but not limited to: 1) On the rare occasion to where a customer does not help us in the process of service (i.e not doing what is expected to ensure the timepiece[s] stay running/functioning), 2) The item is not operated correctly, neglected, or abused in some way that is not in line with what would be expected of the timepiece(s) owner, and 3) For any reason whatsoever