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Waterproof Watch Crown

In most watches, the part that is the most vulnerable to water getting into the watch is the Crown and Stem. Some watches feature a Crown that "Locks" or threads onto the watch case ensuring for maximum Water Resistency. The crown itself is not even enough with the screw down features to prevent water from entering at the Crown area - And all Screw Down Crowns have small rubber or neoprene-type rings (Commonly called "O-Rings") and that in combination with the pressure and the rings being coated in grease or lubricant, would in turn provide a safe seal against any water from entering.

There are a few different types of Waterproof Watch Crown and we will cover them below. We can replace any Gaskets or Crowns during service to help maintain your Watch or Timepiece - Give us a call for service or repairs (330)541-5034 or Click HERE for our Contact Page.

watch crown waterproof watch parts

Here we see the most common type of Waterproof Crown; Which is commonly called the exposed O-Ring Crown. The exposed gasket that you see can, and normally does need, changed during the average service or over an extended period of time. The Gaskets do dry out and often break and replacing these will ensure proper maintenance of your Waterproof Watch or timepiece.

This is another type of Waterproof Crown and it is commonly referred to as a "Hidden Gasket" Screw Down Watch Crown. This type is very difficult to change the Gasket and most times it is recommended and necessary to change the Crown completely.